Of Bad Mothers and Daughters: A Review of Gillian Flynn’s Debut Novel, “Sharp Objects”

When it comes to stories, most of my preference since I was young veer to the weird and creepy. As a kid, I love to scare myself with stories about ghosts, demons, and other paranormal stuff. My dad always reminded me of that  whenever I watch horror/thriller movies at home.

Yet as I got older, I switched my interests to the more “evil-human” side: the psychos, cold and calculating villains, the quiet neighbor who’s actually hiding literal skeletons in their closet, stuff like that.

I love my stories to be more in touch with reality nowadays, even if they are sick and disturbing. I used to read about serial killers in a popular website, Crime Library (that site’s gone now). It’s not because of the gruesome details, I’m just fascinated on why notorious killers kill. What makes them tick? The Crime Library site detailed such cases wonderfully.

And then came Gillian Flynn. Continue reading