Cebu Crafts: Calligraphy for a Fee

Calligraphy or Brush Art had been a thing since last year. I bet you have come across some of these works in your Instagram or Pinterest feed (if you have one).

I don’t have a talent for this kind of thing, but I do like to use them for decorating, and you know what they say, “if you can’t do it, you pay someone else to do it.” 😀

These little brush art notes were made for Php 50 each.
These little brush art notes were made for Php 50 each.

So I found this Facebook page called “Brush and Ink,” and they do brush art or calligraphy for a fee. They don’t really have a consistent pricing system because their rates would depend on the size, color and intricacy of the details that you’d like to put.

I ordered only twice from them, and I also found out during the meet-up that the creators were actually my schoolmates from UP Cebu. They do meet-ups at the IT Park near eBloc, and I think they can also ship out the products to customers that are outside Cebu.

Personalized art for my parents' wedding anniversary.
Personalized art for my parents’ wedding anniversary.

These little artsy things can be used to decorate a scrapbook, your planner, or like give them as a dedication note to a loved one. I personally used them to decorate my planner and my study desk. I also ordered a personalized frame-able note for my parents’ 25th anniversary.

My college bestfriend, who is about to be married soon, also asked them to create the invitations. Personally, I think their creations are all rad.

You can contact Brush and Ink through their Facebook page for inquiries and to see samples of their work.


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