After an Unhappy Pedi Session: Home Relief for Ingrown

For the entire summer, my parents wanted me to stay at our family home in Cagayan de Oro because they miss the kiddo so much. And since I don’t have classes anymore and now that I already work from home, I agreed (since I can save moolaaah too HAHAHA).

So anyway, on April 21, I treated my brothers to a movie date since they wanted to watch “Fast and Furious 8.” After the movie, we waited for our parents to come get us at the mall so while waiting, I decided to get a pedicure at the Salon de Rose branch in Centrio Ayala Mall.

Me and my two younger bros while waiting for the movie (and before I got a pedi session from hell).

In Cebu, I usually go to the Salon de Rose in either their JMall or SM Cebu branch to get a pedicure because I like how they handle the service. A good, careful, safe and painless clean – each and every time!

However, their branch here in Centrio may not have the same training because I really had a bad experience. First, their attendants are a bit rude. When I came and asked for a Pedicure service and the receptionist told the attendant/manicurist to do the task, she immediately said, “Ha? Ako na pud?” (What, me again?).

It sounded really rude, and considering that Salon de Rose is not exactly a cheap salon, they should at least train their staff to be courteous. There weren’t a lot of people in the salon at the time, and a lot of them are just lounging around so I assume it was not really a busy day for them. But whatever, I just want to get my pedicure done, so I just ignored and shrugged it off.

But maybe the lady attendant did not really want to work on that day because she seemed to be in a hurry while cleaning my nails. She was not very gentle, and even my pinkie toe in the left foot got a small wound after the session – definitely a first for me.

I seldom complain because I can tolerate pain well, but this one was different. I said, “sakit lagi siya,” (it hurts), and she said that she had been removing some dead skin. So I just endured the whole pedi session but after that, all two of my big toes hurt, including the pinkie toe which I previously mentioned.

I just tried to ignore it because I thought it would just heal after a few days. Sure enough, the big and pinkie toes in my left foot were healed, but the same cannot be said with the big toe on my right foot.

Just a week after the pedicure, I woke up with a swollen toe. It does not look good and it hurts really bad. Luckily, our house helper already had an experience with this and she said that it might have been an ingrown which was not properly removed. Pfft

So anyway, here’s what you need to do when you get to be an unfortunate victim of an ingrown (on your feet):

  1. Once your toe is swollen and is very painful, don’t wash it with water. DON’T GET IT WET!
  2. Clean the toe with alcohol and prepare a needle (clean/disinfect it with alcohol too).
  3. You need the needle to get the pus (“na-na”) out. The pus is what your making toe swell (partly), and you have to prick the outer skin to get it out.
  4. Keep pressing to get all the pus out. The pus could be a white or yellowish liquid and it is important to get them out since this is basically causing the most pain.
  5. Clean the wound often with alcohol or Betadine.
  6. You need to take these pills three times a day for five to seven days: 500 mg of Amoxicillin and 500mg Mefenamic.
  7. Once the swelling subsides, you should get the ingrown out during your next pedi.

If the wound is still open and hurts very much, you should not wet it with water yet. If you need to take a bath, make sure to cover your foot with plastic or something that can make it waterproof.

My toe is definitely okay now, but I haven’t got the ingrown out yet because I’m still looking for a better salon that I can trust this with. As for Salon de Rose in Centrio, I’m not planning to visit them ever again. And it’s not just because of this painful pedi after-math, but because of their unprofessional staff. Ugh

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, so this might not work for everyone. If the pain and swelling does not go away after two to three days, you must see a specialist.


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