A Life Changing Moment: Riding On the Beauty Regimen Bandwagon

Since I was in high school, I don’t really pay much attention to facial and skin care. Even though I do get pimples from time to time (because I have really oily face), it was not much of a big deal to me.

Just recently though, I noticed that my blackheads were not going away. Before, the Pond’s Deep Cleansing Foam actually does the job for me, but since my blackheads are still staying (probably because of age), I finally decided to do something more serious about it.

Like most people, I searched for a good solution to my blackhead problem on the internet. Sure enough, I came across several masks that can take off these nuisances after a good peel, but I also quickly became engrossed in many beauty blogs that feature step by step facial skin care.


The most common nowadays (and what the girls are all raging about) is the Korean Beauty Regimen which features a routine that consists of 7 to 10 steps (depending on which blog you look at) that can help you get that soft, youthful dewy glow that most Kdrama actresses and actors have.

I don’t really aspire to have that Kdrama glow, but I do realize that maybe it is time to get serious about skin care – especially now that I am turning 26 and I am using make-up more often due to law school.

And because of browsing through these beauty blogs, it also hit me that blackheads are not my only problem – I also have oily face, dark eye circles, dark spots, plus dry skin at the sides of my mouth (lol, this solution search turned out to open up many insecurities).

In all honesty though, I am quite the lazy type, so the 7 to 10-step beauty regimen would not really pan out for me. I did get the most important parts of that routine though, so nowadays, I maintain a 4 to 5-step face care regimen – and it works!

So for lazy girls and guys (yes, face care is also for men!) out there, you might want to follow my personal skin care regimen that can clear up and brighten your face and keep blackheads and zits at bay (though I can’t promise that this can give you that soft, dewy Kdrama glow, but this could be a good start!).

1.) Invest in a good cleanser and facial scrub.

Cleansers should be the first step in every facial care regimen. After cleansing, I also use a facial scrub for deeper clean.

What I’m Using Now: Right now, I am still using the Pond’s Deep Cleansing Facial Foam

This costs around Php 300 in Watsons.

(the one in a black-colored package). I think it is a pretty good cleanser, though I am planning to replace it with a different brand once my supply runs out.

As for my scrub, I am currently using Neutrogena’s Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub to get rid of my blackhead problem.

Even though this scrub seems okay for everyday use, I actually just use it every other day, or at least three times a week because I am afraid that it might over-exfoliate my face and cause dryness in my mouth and chin area.

2.) Mind your toner.

I did not really understand what a toner was for, until I was finally reading up on beauty blogs and reviews.

So a good toner actually preps your face for the rest of your beauty regimen. So basically, the effects of your mask/day cream/serums and the like are absorbed better after using it.

Toners also help clean make-up and dirt residue on your face, and help brighten it after each use.

What I’m Using Now: I am currently using Human Nature’s Hydrating Face Toner. Its active ingredient is the Moringa extract which helps boost moisture in your face.

This can be found in some grocery stores. I got this one from Metro Ayala Cebu.

Personally, I really love Human Nature’s line of toners because they are all made from natural ingredients and have no alcohol in them. I am wary with alcohol-based toners because it might sting and cause redness in my face (well, that was what I’ve read anyway).

So this toner was great since it helped clear up my face, but because it is made for moisture boost, it made my face a tad more oily. I’m thinking of getting Human Nature’s Balancing Face Toner next time which is specially made for oil control – that would be the perfect one for me.

Anyway, before you go get a toner, just make sure it could address a major problem in your face. There are toners that can help eliminate blackheads, control acne, and eliminate dark spots. I would however suggest that you get natural/organic toners over alcohol-based ones, just to ensure that it would not sting your face.

3.) Look for a great, effective mask.

You can actually skip this one for the most part of the week, because masks are only used once a week at most. I myself only apply masks during Saturday or Sunday since I have more time on these days.

There are many types of facial masks available in the market today. There are clay masks, wash and peel masks, and those easy to put on masks. Each type of mask also has a special effect, some are for whitening, cleansing or smoothening. So again, you must choose a mask that can perfectly address your need.

What I’m Using Now: I am currently using Innisfree’s Bija and Tea Tree mask. It is a

This can be bought from BeautyMNL for only Php 125.

type of clay mask which is made to address troubled skin such as acne. I don’t have a problem with acne as of the moment, so I can’t really say if this is an effective solution for those who have them.

I also bought Innisfree’s Volcanic Pore Clay Mask which I am planning to use once my Bija and Tea Tree capsule pack runs out. This clay mask is specially formulated to clean deep-seated dirt in your pores (including sebum), and I think this is what I really need because of my oily face.

4.) Pamper and protect your face with a quality day cream.

I never actually thought of adding a day cream into my beauty regimen until I tried out my mom’s Olay Total 7 Effects day cream which was lying around our house. I only use this though when I’m not planning to put on make-up for the next two to three hours.

Day creams such as Olay’s Total 7 Effects helps eliminate dark spots in your face and helps fight signs of aging (fine lines and wrinkly eye areas). It worked very well on me because it really lightened up my face and even helped eliminate dark spots caused by pimples.

5.) Get special products for other problem areas.

After all that, you can now apply other products such as lip balm, eye cream, and in my case, a hair growing serum for my brows.

So there. I am also experimenting on other cleansing products recently (which I ordered from Althea. HAHA!), and I promise to post reviews whenever I get the time to do so.


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