My Top 5 Everyday but Low-Key Lippies For Less Than Php 500

Almost every girl and fashion/beauty magazines are raving about nude lipstick shades – and for good reason. Nude shades can enhance any look without necessarily making you look too made-up (or too flashy).

However, this blog post is not necessarily about nude lipsticks (although most of them are). This is merely a list of lippies that I alternately use everyday before going to work and school. So if you are looking for the perfect everday lippie, you might find the perfect one below.

1.) Rum Raisin (Revlon)

Price: Php 450

I picked up this shade when Revlon had a limited sale offer for their Super Lustrous IMG_20170709_121433Lipstick line one time in a Watsons Store in JMall Center (Mandaue). Instead of 450 pesos, I got mine for only 350!

I just walked-in and I absolutely had no idea what color or shade I was looking for. But while I was swatching their lippies, I found this shade really attractive because it looks red – but not the glam, bright red that attracts too much attention. It’s more on the reddish-brown side, which makes it perfect for an everyday office look.

While doing a bit of research, I also found out that this shade was very famous during the 90s! (LIKE WHUT, REALLY?) Haha! I think this makes it a classic by today’s standards. lol

Longevity and Quality: This is NOT A MATTE lipstick. I just have to emphasize that because I know that many girls prefer matte lipsticks nowadays. So if you want a matte lipstick, you might not want to get this one.

Since it is not matte, it has a sheer finish which does not really help when it comes to longevity. You need to retouch after 4 hours or right after eating and drinking. I love its sheer finish though, because it feels so moisturizing on the lips.

2.) Euro Trash (Nyx)

Price: Php 390

I purposely bought this shade because it was featured on a BeautyMNL blog post, sayingIMG20170709112610 that it is a cheaper dupe of the Internet-famous Candy K (Kylie K Lip Kits). So being the cheapskate that I am (because seriously, I don’t want to splurge 2,000 pesos for just one lipstick!), I went to SM City Cebu and bought this one from Nyx’s boutique.

Now this is really a nude shade because it is more on the brown side with pinkish undertones. It’s perfect for everyday wear because it simply enhances your lip color naturally (ala ‘My Lips But Better’ ang peg).

Longevity and Quality: Although this is from Nyx’s Matte line of lipsticks, I am pretty disappointed with its staying power. I understand Revlon’s Rum Raisin because it is not a matte lipstick, but this one smudges easily like a sheer lipstick too – which is quite disappointing for a supposed matte lippie. Unlike other matte lipsticks however, this one is not too drying on the lips.

3.) In the Flesh (Wet n’ Wild)

Price: Php 299

1713405932748822976-account_id=3I knew this lipstick because of another BeautyMNL blog post. Haha! They featured it as one of their most best-selling nude shades, and I find it really pretty so I immediately went to Ayala-Metro Cebu and bought one for myself.

This is more pinkish compared to Euro Trash, but it has a beige/brown undertone, so the final look is a low-key pink apricot that is similar to your natural lip color – but better!

Longevity and Quality: This has a more matte finish compared to the Nyx one, and it is also a bit drying. However, it stays put for quite a long time, but it still easily comes off whenever eating and drinking.

4.) Honey Bunny (Pink Sugar)

Price: Php 349

I became really interested with local make-up brands that garnered great reviews in IMG_20170709_121531BeautyMNL, and while I was skimming through the reviews of Pink Sugar’s Lip and Cheek Stains, this particular shade was one of their best-selling one, so there – I bought one for myself from Pink Sugar’s counter in Watsons Ayala Cebu.

Unlike the previously mentioned lippies, this is different because it is not a ‘stick’ per se, but it is in creamy liquid form (since it is also a cheek tint at the same time). Now this one is really nude brown, and has rather beige and taupe undertones.

Longevity and Quality: This is the longer-lasting lippie on the list, but it is also the most drying one. This is expected though, since it promises a matte finish – and it is indeed very matte! Since it stays really dry, it does not easily come off even when you are eating or drinking, so I guess that’s quite a fair payoff.

5.) Tulip Red (Skin Genie)

Price: Php 80

IMG_20170709_121411This is not a lipstick like all the other ones in the list, because this is basically a lip (and cheek) tint – but a very pretty one though! The best part? This product is only sold for 80 pesos!

What I love about this is its simplicity and ease of use. You can apply this even without a mirror, and the stain effect just looks so pretty and natural, making it the perfect one to go with if you’re aiming for that fresh, no make-up “make-up” look.

Longevity and Quality: It actually stays put for a pretty long time. Even if you eat or drink, the stain just fades a bit – and it looks even more natural! Applying it could be a bit of a problem though. Since it is in roller-ball form, it does not distribute the color equally, and you have to put on lip balm first to ensure that the color applies and sticks to the lips.

If you could add a lipstick to this list, what would that be? What lipstick color and brand do you love to wear on a daily basis?


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