Battle of the Day Creams: Olay vs. Myra-E

So okay, this is yet another post about beauty and skin care. This time, it’s all about my go-to day creams! To clarify, I am not paid to do this post (heck, I don’t earn anything from this blog). This is simply my personal take about two drugstore day cream brands that oily-faced Filipinas like me might find helpful.

So first thing’s first. What’s in a day cream and why do you need it?

The main purpose of a day cream is to act as a moisturizer for your face throughout the day. Depending on the brand, it can have other benefits such as Sun protection, anti-aging, lessening dark spots, etc. And yes, you still need a moisturizer even if you are oily like me! Continue reading


Cagayan de Oro’s High Peaks: Ultra Winds & Hugo’s Skye Lounge

Peacocks at Ultra Winds

I spent Christmas alone in Cebu (boo-hoo!) because I failed to book a ticket on an earlier date and every ship was already fully booked by December 21st (not to mention the bad weather which cancelled a lot of trips and delayed many passengers).

Anyway, I managed to book a ticket on Dec. 25 bound for Tagbilaran. From Tagbilaran, the ship will sail to Cagayan de Oro – arriving the next day, on the 26th. I still consider myself lucky because I can spend the New Year with my family.

So anyway, both my mom and sister were thinking about where we can go for a family outing on the weekend before New Year’s eve. This has become an annual family thing (sort of), because last year, we went to Carmen and Mantianak. Continue reading

My Top 3 Study Places in Mandaue City, Cebu

One of my favorite study places (aside from our library) is the A Plus Coffee branch here in AS Fortuna, Mandaue.

Many students (myself included), cannot study at home because of distractions from family members, house chores, and other entertainment options that can tempt them to laze around instead of reading.

So the solution is to get out and find a place where you can be a bit more productive and motivated to actually do some work/school stuff. Although I love studying at our library, it is usually crowded and full of students that it is sometimes hard to get a comfortable spot. Plus, we are not allowed to bring in food and drinks (except water), which sucks. Continue reading

How to Become a Freelance Writer in the Philippines

Image Source: Pixabay

Many of my friends have been asking me lately about my writing job – where did I get them, how much I get paid for them, and how good the overall work is.

I understand why a lot of people are attracted to freelance writing because being one gives you flexible working hours and it pays quite well (not that big though, but pay is generally good). I actually resigned from my office copy writing job in favor of freelancing so I can have more time for my studies in law school.   Continue reading

A Christmas Light Wonderland: Holidays at the Municipality of Carmen (Agusan del Norte)


The Holiday Season is finally here, and this means that the municipal town hall of Carmen, Agusan del Norte will be literally LIT again.

Every year, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Carmen decorate their grandiose town hall with lots of Christmas lights – creating a Christmas Wonderland which is a great place for sightseeing and taking pictures. No entrance fee is necessary – it is free for all.  Continue reading

A Short Getaway to Punta Diwata Cave Resort

Trying to go to a good beach in Cebu is quite a hassle. First, you have to get through the traffic and second (and the worse part), decent beach resorts here are just waaay too expensive (SERIOUSLY, WHY THO?!).

That’s why whenever I get to go back in Mindanao, I always get so excited whenever we go visit a beach. We have lots of cheap choices here, and some of them can be reached within just an hour or less (depending on where you live).

So when I got to visit my mom’s hometown in Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental last October, I convinced my sister that we should finally visit Punta Diwata. It is basically considered a Cave Resort in Carmen, Agusan del Norte because it is a beach with a cliff that has a cave in it (whew)! Although it is part of a different town, it is just a 30-minute ride from our home there.

Because of its location, you can take reaaaally great pictures. And the best part? You can enter the resort for a whooping entrance fee of 20 PESOS. YES, Php 20 only! So take that, overpriced resorts of Cebu! HAHAHA

22047728_10210533977725547_7214487641933392524_o Continue reading