Burrow Lounge: We Fly High with Unlimited Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t like crispy fried chicken? Not us, certainly! Fried chicken is probably the Filipino’s most loved fast-food choice. It’s evident by how almost every food shop offers it: Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, etc. You can even find crispy fried chicken sold for 12 pesos a piece in the streets (I’ve tried those and they’re actually good!).

So Burrow Lounge – a recently opened restaurant in Cebu banked on this love for fried chicken by offering an eat-all-you-can option for chicken wings!


WHERE IS IT? As far as I know, Burrow Lounge already has several branches. There’s one in Lahug (near JY-Campo), and a newly opened one in Parkmall, Mandaue (2nd level, facing City Times Square). Continue reading


The Buffet 101 Experience

Last January 2016, the whole marketing department where I worked had its annual pigging out session – this time, at Buffet 101.


Buffet 101 claims to be the longest buffet table in the Philippines. They have a selection of international cuisine: Japanese, Italian, German, American, Chinese, and Filipino food among others. Continue reading

Kawaii Moments at Cafe Namoo

A few years back, a lot of Korean-themed coffee shops had been sprouting everywhere in Cebu. Cafe Namoo was just one of them – and this generated a lot of buzz for the past 2 years or so because of its unique cafe design and accessories.

Cafe Namoo has two-storey bunkhouse like designs with cute and really small tables. You have to actually squat on the floor when eating or chilling. You can also post sticky-notes on their walls to leave messages, and they have pillows and stuff toys you can use while chilling.


Seen in this photo is my 2-year old son and his godmother (also his nanny). 🙂

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