Beauty on a Budget: The Affordable 3 to 5-Step Skin Care Guide for Filipinas


The Internet is not short on step by step skin care regimen guides. However, these guides usually feature expensive Korean or Western skin care brands, which is simply impractical for many Filipinas.

Imagine, buying a cleanser for around 300 to 500 pesos, and a clay mask worth 700 to 1,000 or more pesos. That’s almost 2,000 for just only 2 products!

Skin care is for everyone – not just for those who can afford it. Although expensive brands have huge benefits for your skin (or could smell nice and make your face feel good), you don’t have to break the bank just to afford yourself some good old, basic skin care. There are cheaper options in the market – and you don’t even need to look far! Continue reading


Battle of the Facial Scrubs: Neutrogena vs Celeteque

Another skin care/beauty post! Haha! Please bear with me, because I just can’t help but share my good and bad experiences in my chosen skin care routine. Like my previous Battle of the Day Creams post, this is not sponsored or paid in any way. This is just my honest review of the experiences I had in both brands of facial scrubs.

First, let me explain what are the benefits of including a facial scrub in your daily skin care routine.

A facial scrub can be either used in place of a cleanser or in alternating ways with the cleanser. Its basic function is to exfoliate the face – meaning, it removes dead skin cells to help reveal your face’s natural and youthful glow.

Its exfoliating properties are made possible through small beads and particles that can effectively remove dead skin from your face. It also helps clean out your pores and lessen the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities with regular use. Continue reading

Battle of the Day Creams: Olay vs. Myra-E

So okay, this is yet another post about beauty and skin care. This time, it’s all about my go-to day creams! To clarify, I am not paid to do this post (heck, I don’t earn anything from this blog). This is simply my personal take about two drugstore day cream brands that oily-faced Filipinas like me might find helpful.

So first thing’s first. What’s in a day cream and why do you need it?

The main purpose of a day cream is to act as a moisturizer for your face throughout the day. Depending on the brand, it can have other benefits such as Sun protection, anti-aging, lessening dark spots, etc. And yes, you still need a moisturizer even if you are oily like me! Continue reading

My Top 5 Everyday Lippies For Less Than Php 500

Almost every girl and fashion/beauty magazines are raving about nude lipstick shades – and for good reason. Nude shades can enhance any look without necessarily making you look too made-up (or too flashy).

However, this blog post is not necessarily about nude lipsticks (although most of them are). This is merely a list of lippies that I alternately use everyday before going to work and school. Continue reading

A Life Changing Moment: Riding On the Beauty Regimen Bandwagon

Since I was in high school, I don’t really pay much attention to facial and skin care. Even though I do get pimples from time to time (because I have really oily face), it was not much of a big deal to me.

Just recently though, I noticed that my blackheads were not going away. Before, the Pond’s Deep Cleansing Foam actually does the job for me, but since my blackheads are still staying (probably because of age), I finally decided to do something more serious about it.

Like most people, I searched for a good solution to my blackhead problem on the internet. Sure enough, I came across several masks that can take off these nuisances after a good peel, but I also quickly became engrossed in many beauty blogs that feature step by step facial skin care.


The most common nowadays (and what the girls are all raging about) is the Korean Beauty Regimen which features a routine that consists of 7 to 10 steps (depending on which blog you look at) that can help you get that soft, youthful dewy glow that most Kdrama actresses and actors have. Continue reading

Cebu Crafts: Calligraphy for a Fee

Calligraphy or Brush Art had been a thing since last year. I bet you have come across some of these works in your Instagram or Pinterest feed (if you have one).

I don’t have a talent for this kind of thing, but I do like to use them for decorating, and you know what they say, “if you can’t do it, you pay someone else to do it.” 😀

These little brush art notes were made for Php 50 each.

These little brush art notes were made for Php 50 each.

Continue reading