Hear Me Roar: Meeting Tigers in Mantianak Zoo

During the Holidays, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with my family back in my hometown in Cagayan de Oro. As a family tradition, we also travel back to my mom’s province in Misamis Oriental to attend family reunions. While we were returning towards the city proper, we decided to stop by Sugbongcogon and visit the Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park.

Picnic and rest area in Mantianak Zoo.
Picnic and rest area in Mantianak Zoo.

This is the second time that we have been here. The main reason why we went back is because when we first got here, my son was just an infant and very unaware of the surroundings. Now that he is a toddler, we wanted to let him experience the place again. Continue reading


Temple of Leah: A Piece of Europe in Cebu

Just last week, my mother visited Cebu as part of her yearly devotion to the Holy Child, Sr. Sto. Nino. Together with her friends, we decided to finally go and see Temple of Leah as a bit of a side trip during their stay in the Queen City.

I have seen the pictures and heard a lot about the place, but I never got to stop by when we went to Sirao.

Some random Greek statue at the Temple of Leah. Definitely not Leah.

So anyway, a lot of people already knew the “story” of the Temple of Leah. The popular story goes that Leah is the mother of known actress, Ellen Adarna. But nope! Leah is actually Ellen’s grandmother. You’ll know this because a family tree is listed inside the temple.

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2016 Summer Outing at Medellin Cebu: Bakhawan Beach Home

This post was meant to be published last year, May 2016, but certain events had kept me from finishing this post (and updating the whole damn blog) thus, the very late publication.

Since I started working in IT Park, my team usually organizes Summer outings each year. This is not really a company-wide thing, so we are free to discuss among ourselves as to where, when, and how much we’re willing to spend for it.

img20160416122827That year, the team decided to go to the same place as last year (I wasn’t able to go last year, so this is my first time to visit the place). It is somewhere near the boundary between Daan Bantayan and Medellin – it is a private beach house called Bakhawan. Continue reading