How to Become a Freelance Writer in the Philippines

Image Source: Pixabay

Many of my friends have been asking me lately about my writing job – where did I get them, how much I get paid for them, and how good the overall work is.

I understand why a lot of people are attracted to freelance writing because being one gives you flexible working hours and it pays quite well (not that big though, but pay is generally good). I actually resigned from my office copy writing job in favor of freelancing so I can have more time for my studies in law school.   Continue reading


After an Unhappy Pedi Session: Home Relief for Ingrown

For the entire summer, my parents wanted me to stay at our family home in Cagayan de Oro because they miss the kiddo so much. And since I don’t have classes anymore and now that I already work from home, I agreed (since I can save moolaaah too HAHAHA).

So anyway, on April 21, I treated my brothers to a movie date since they wanted to watch “Fast and Furious 8.” After the movie, we waited for our parents to come get us at the mall so while waiting, I decided to get a pedicure at the Salon de Rose branch in Centrio Ayala Mall.

Me and my two younger bros while waiting for the movie (and before I got a pedi session from hell).

In Cebu, I usually go to the Salon de Rose in either their JMall or SM Cebu branch to get a pedicure because I like how they handle the service. A good, careful, safe and painless clean – each and every time! Continue reading